President's Message

Austin Area Chapter Board Membership


As this chapter enters the 2020-2021 term, we face a host of complications to our personal lives and careers due to COVID-19. However, these challenges have allowed the IMA and its members to showcase our skills in strategic management and digital transformation to the world.

We also have the distinct advantage of a global support group of members, eager to learn and assist one another, and a database of free resources and digital CPE courses so that we can continue educating ourselves in emerging skills like data visualization, block chain technology and strategic modeling.

My time with the IMA kicked off with my acceptance as one of 2019's Young Professional Leadership Experience participants. Along with 4 other young leaders from across the globe, I shared my experiences and goals with other IMA global board and committee members as we were immersed in IMA's processes and goals. Out of that experience, I brought a newfound passion to plug in with my area chapter and serve as part of the network I saw at the global level.

Without the support I feel from our chapter's board, I never would have dreamed of serving in this role only a year into my involvement with IMA. Ultimately, my decision to serve stems from the inspiration of meeting members with such unique careers, lives and goals. While we still face limitations due to COVID, I look forward to meeting more of you, and helping to create a chapter of resources and community networks.

Thank you,
Rachel Sullivan
IMA Austin Area Chapter President, 2020-2021